About Us

Mission Statement:  Our mission is to provide education and support that will empower neurodiverse teens and adults to reach their dreams.

Vision Statement: We believe that human variation (neurodiversity) is a gift and that this gift should be recognized, respected and shared.

Who we serve: Neurodiverse teens and adults who commonly are labeled with a variety of developmental difference such as autism, ADHD and other related differences

What we do:

  • Assess learning needs and set up individualized plans to meet these needs
  • Provide specialized life coaching to assist in becoming successful and happy
  • Educate and support the family members of neurodiverse people
  • Provide a wide variety of social interaction and skill groups
  • Provide communication and life skill training for persons with an intellectual disability and autism
  • Provide individualized transition plans for those aging out of public school
  • Provide a variety of individual and small-group pre-employment emotional intelligence training