Many autistics grow up trying to achieve independence, but is independence really the goal for an adult autistic or is it achieving autonomy? Autonomy is the state of being self-governed. On the other hand, independence is the state of not being dependent on another. The concept of independence implies making it totally without help but this is not the case in autonomy. This is the key difference between autonomy and independence.

Acheiving Autonomy Image

Autistic adults often need lifelong support to reach autonomy.


  • Introduction of a Weekly Discussion Topic Decided by Group
  • Information on the Topic
  • Group Discussion
  • Sharing and Fellowship with other Autistics

When: Tuesdays, 6-7 PM both in-person and online

Who: Adult autistics needing differing levels of support who want to participate in a group with other autistics who are working to achieve the same types of goals.


  • Jake Rosenberger, adult autistic
  • Fran Templeton, Mother of an Autistic

Cost: $20